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How CI Tracker Delivers Immediate Benefits to Financial Services Companies

Without an effective enterprise Competitive Intelligence (CI) solution the information collection, analysis and dissemination process becomes a serious challenge and hinders decision making, based on the latest and most accurate facts.

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Making Insights More Accessible and Actionable with Open Source, Collective and Collaborative Intelligence

In our personal life, we already embrace open source (i.e. online), collective and collaborative intelligence solutions and use them to access on-demand information and insights.

It article

Executives Recognise the Value of IT in Making Information Available for Decision-making

As with any form of technology, business users all hope to find a fruitful use of their IT resources, especially in process optimisations and supporting business planning and decision-making.

Pharma preview article

Infographic: Current Challenges in the Pharmaceuticals Industry

The pharmaceutical industry presents several unique challenges that could make it difficult for companies to remain productive and profitable.

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Emerging Australian Information Services Provider Launches Web-based Competitive Intelligence Solution

2Telligence recently launched the full version of its online competitive intelligence solution, CI Tracker, after successfully completing its trials with medium and large-sized businesses operating across various industries in Australia.

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Empower Your Sales Force by Eliminating Blindspots & Identifying New Sales Opportunities

With today’s Infobesity (information overload) and typical time constraints, more effective and efficient solutions are required to enable your organisation to understand its competitive landscape and stay ahead of the competition.

Key opportunities in the healthcare industry preview article

Infographic: Key Opportunities in the Healthcare Industry

Technology has shown us how it can improve productivity, connect people, increase life expectancy and improve lifestyles. Advancements in the healthcare industry are no exception.

Car 2 article

Gain a Competitive Advantage against the Reality of Corporate Amnesia

In today's competitive landscape, there is hardly any room for error. Businesses need to make all the right moves in order to come out on top. Yet a large number of businesses across a wide range of industries have been inconsistent in their investment and use of competitive intelligence and productivity tools.

493214   article

Handling Daily Infobesity

Are there tools that workers can use to help them handle this flood of information? Is there an easier way to filter and receive the right information at the right time to the right people?

Time constraints preview article

Dealing with Daily Time Constraints at Work

Despite the presence of useful and effective online CI solutions, many businesses still face numerous time constraints that limit their ability to collaborate and be informed on a daily basis. This infographic explores how gathering and searching for information, both online and via e-mail, affects businesses and productivity all over the world.

Lighthouse article

How to Optimise the Use of Competitive Intelligence in Your Business

The right CI solution will enable employees to share insights, collaborate with their colleagues or peers, and enhance your CI disciplines significantly by utilising the knowledge of your teams.

Bees article

Enhancing Innovation and Decision-making in Teams through Collaborative Intelligence

Collaborative intelligence, when analysed as a research domain, aims not to just improve the understanding of how individuals and groups across a certain space could function more effectively but also contribute to fulfilling a greater objective.

Koi4 article

Obtaining Better Insights through Collective Intelligence

All over the world, businesses and organisations are now using Collective Intelligence or Collective IQ to analyse opinions and behaviours, as well as identify patterns and trends to recommend actionable insights and inspire change.

Bulbs article

Leveraging Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) in Your Business

With approximately 80 percent of required material needed for business analysis is available through newspapers, magazines, newsletters, the Internet, and other media, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) indeed makes information gathering easier and more convenient for many individuals.

Mountain article

2Telligence: Helping Your Business be On Top of its Competitive Forces

With the current “infobesity” (i.e. information overload) and typical resourcing constraints, businesses like yours will find it increasingly difficult to concurrently navigate through a rapidly changing landscape, keep track of all competitive forces, and safeguard and grow your business.